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Broadway Theater
A thorough and easy-to-read introduction to Broadway theater, including history, definition of terms, links to important theater-related sites, a glossary of Broadway theaters, and much more. I've been involved with Broadway directly and indirectly for twenty-five years, yet I was surprised at how much I learned from perusing this excellent site.

An amazingly comprehensive and well-organized collection of information about films and film-making. Perhaps the most complete and helpful site on the web for understanding movies, and being able to view and audition for them more intelligently.

Alternative Medicine
A comprehensive source of articles, news, information, recipes, and practitioner referrals in the field of holistic medicine. The most respected source for alternative medical information on the web.

Gary Null
Probably the most detailed and thorough source of reliable free information about holistic health on the web, including in-depth articles, studies, news, recipes, and products. I have met Dr. Null, (Ph.D. Nutrition), attended several of his lectures, read several of his books, and I consider him more knowledgeable about the science of holistic health than any other individual in the United States.

Dr. David Williams
A cutting-edge source of health-related articles, news and products. Dr. Williamsí monthly newsletter is one of my all-time most helpful and favorite things to read.

Natural Healers
Broad source of information, including detailed answers to the most commonly asked questions about virtually every aspect of holistic health. Very informative- good introduction to a variety of topics.

Not Milk
Most comprehensive site on the web pertaining to the dairy industry and dairy consumption, with extensive research, articles, and studies. Everything you ever wanted to know about why you shouldnít drink cows' milk, with the solid science to back it up.

Why Sugar is Ruining Your Health
A long list of specific reasons, supported by an extensive bibliography of research, as to why too much sugar is bad. A lot of information in an easy-to-read summarized format.

Carl Rogers
An excellent introduction to Rogerian or Client-Centered Therapy, the school of counseling developed by Dr. Carl Rogers. I studied Dr. Rogersí work in graduate school at Harvard, and it revolutionized my way of interacting with young people, much as it has entirely revolutionized therapy in general. It is difficult to find a therapist today, or even a psychiatrist, who does not integrate at least some of Dr. Rogersí techniques into his or her work. I cannot emphasize strongly enough the necessity of locating a therapist with client-centered training when seeking help with any and all emotional problems. For an excellent introduction to the technique itself- and to perhaps help with some of your own healing- I especially recommend his book: On Becoming a Person.

Dr. Anthony Salzarulo
Dr. Salzarulo has been my personal doctor for several years. I cannot recommend this man highly enough. He uses a variety of natural techniques, gentle encouragement, lifestyle and dietary changes, supplements and more to lead his clients to a state of health they couldn't have previously imagined. I've additionally come to believe that if you follow his protocols, you can heal just about anything that's wrong with you. For a very moderately-priced consultation in his Park Avenue South office in New York City, call (212) 475-2222. Let him know I recommended him to you.

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